5 Simple Money Saving Tips for Students

If you’re a Student chances are you’ve got it tough. With high course fees and relatively low student finance, it can be difficult to meet general living costs and rental fees. Many students say that their studies have been affected as a result of their money. Here are our handy tips to help you save money, worry less, and enjoy this brilliant chapter of your life…

Don’t scrimp on the ‘B’ word

Drawing up a budget isn’t a new idea, but it’s still the best possible way to keep on top of your finances. By knowing what you have to spend on every detail of Student life, you can make sure that you limit instances of finding yourself in dire straits.

Invest in your diet

Investing in clever, money-saving meals in your weekly shop you can help keep your metabolism high and stop yourself from impulse food buying. Studies have shown that you can save up to £600 by packing your lunch! Wherever possible, go to the supermarket on a full stomach - that way you won’t get drawn in by clever marketing and deals that you don’t really want.

Save on Taxis by using Splyt

Splyt is a new app that allows you to order cars at the click of a button and share your ride with people who are going the same direction. Car-pooling through Splyt can be done mid-journey and ca cut of a huge chunk of the cost of your journey. With cashless payments through the app, it also means that you aren’t left over with change that you needlessly spend afterwards.

Know your Student Discounts

Being a student entitles you to any number of discount offers across board which can all help you save in one capacity or another. Save the Student have a great directory of Student Discounts - check that out here.

Kill your bills

Many students don’t bother switching their Gas or Electricity supplier because it can seem like a bit of an effort to do so. Really, switching is easy and can save your oodles. Check out supplier comparison sites and slash your bills in an evening!

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