Splyt - The cheap taxi alternative that’s going places

If you're a busy person a budget it can be difficult to keep on top of your expenses, especially with high transport costs. If you need to get somewhere in a hurry, taxis can sometimes feel like the only option - however it’s often with a certain amount of reluctance that we shell out for them. Well now there’s a taxi alternative that doesn’t cost the earth and it’s called Splyt.

In every aspect of life we all want to be sure that we’re getting the best possible value for money, and taxi fares are no different. Sometimes we can get into thinking that the price of a ride is just a fact of life. Well it’s not anymore.

What is Splyt?

Splyt is a new way to travel, together. It is the first app that allows you to pick someone to pool with, share the taxi ride and save money. Users have the chance to create their own profile, order a licensed taxi direct from the app, switch to pooling mode mid-journey and even make recommendations about pooling buddies afterwards.Splyt also allows local taxi companies from around the world to join forces and advantage of its innovative design. Now, companies have access to a robust, dependable group of users who are interested in a unique way to travel. Splyt has created the first ever global taxi alliance.

What sets Splyt apart from other transport options?

Splyt is meant to be more than just an app to order a taxi on. It’s a community of users who get to choose how they travel and who with. Unlike other apps, Splyt has a list of helpful options to make sure that your journey is suitable, comfortable and great value for money. These include…

  • Women-only rides: If you’d like to share your trip with someone nearby who's going in the same direction, but would rather you just shared your taxi with another woman then you can do so.

  • Cashless payments and no surge pricing: Not only do we only have one fare all the time that doesn't surge, Splyt is also a safer alternative as it allows you to pay without cash.

  • Luggage choices: Have luggage and want to make sure there’s room for it? No problem.

  • Profiles, ratings and friends: The biggest thing that sets Splyt apart are rider profiles. You can see who would like to ride with you and accept in real time, review riders and drivers, connect to your friends via Social Networks, favourite your journeys for easy future ordering and even view your ride history.

  • Easy ordering of classic rides: If you’re in a rush, Splyt also allows you an easy way to order a classic ride without any pooling.Take the hassle out of your journey and save - download and try Splyt today...

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